About Us

Our mission is to make managing your own portfolio as affordable and accessible as possible.

Why I Started Portfolio Constructs

I created this website because many financial institutions charge people over 1% expense fees annually to invest their money in ETFs. I believe that the vast majority of people will be better off investing their own money rather than high paying fees for others to choose ETFs for them. With just a bit of education and assistance along the way, almost anyone can build an effective and diversified portfolio. That is why we currently offer the following free resources:

  • An algorithm designed to build custom portfolios for you.
  • Articles to provide guidance on how to manage your own money.
  • Videos to help you along on your investment journey.

Founder: Ryan O'Connell, CFA

I have several years of experience working in quantitative financial risk management for large financial institutions in the United States. I hold a Master of Science in Finance from Texas A&M University and am currently pursuing a Master in Computer and Information Technology from the University of Pennsylvania.

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